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photobarhomeSee below for answers to frequestly asked questions about Advantage Chiropractic. If you have any additional questions, call the office at 812-246-2225 (812-246-BACK). 

Q:  Will I need x-rays taken?

A:  Not all situations require that an x-ray be taken, and we do not x-ray all patients as a matter of routine. In many circumstances however, x-ray is an invaluable diagnostic tool which may be necessary in order for us to make a correct and accurate diagnosis of your condition.

In order for us to make this determination, we would need for you to meet in person with the doctor.  

Q:  Do you accept my insurance?

A: We accept many different forms of insurance including Medicare, Medicaid, Personal Injury (Medpay), Workman’s Compensation, BC/BS, Anthem, Humana, and others.

Prior to or during your initial consultation, our staff will be happy to verify your individual benefits.

For uninsured patients or patients with high deductibles/co-pays, we offer a variety of affordable payment options.

Q:  How much does an adjustment cost?

A:  A Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation (CM) at this office is $49.00.

Please note however, that in many cases we also employ various physical therapy modalities, x-rays, orthopedic devices, etc., for which additional charges will apply.

In order to determine the exact amount an individual treatment visit will cost, schedule a free consultation with the doctor so that the two of you together can decide the best course of treatment which would fit within your budget.

Q:  Do adjustments hurt?

A:  For most chiropractic adjustments, the exact opposite is true…they feel good!

For patients in a severe level of pain to begin with however, even the most gentle of spinal adjustments may result in some discomfort. Due to the nature of manual therapy in and of itself, this sometimes cannot be avoided, and any chiropractor who says otherwise or offers ‘painless adjustments’ is misleading.

At no time at this office is any spinal adjustment or therapy ever performed with the “no pain no gain” mindset in effect. Our goal is to always work within each patient’s individual tolerance, while at the same time providing the best possible mechanical correction to their spinal misalignments.

After all, we want you leaving here feeling better, not worse!