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Our Patients Speak

Betty Lewellen:

Betty used to live in pain, until she found Advantage Chiropractic! If you're suffering from back pain, headaches or Acid Reflux, we can help! 

"I have had neck pain, headaches and back pain for most of my life. 

I also have had Acid Reflux for a big part of my life. 

I have gone to many doctors over the years for all of these pain but to no avail.

Until I went to see Dr Tom, now I have relief from my headaches, my back, and I only take meds once a day for my reflux which I used to have to take at least 3 times a day. 

If you have pain in your body please go
and see Dr Tom, you will not regret it!"

Betty Lewellen

Cindy Coles:

Cindy Cole
For Cindy Coles, chiropractic proved more effective than medication for her chronic pain. 

"When I first went to Dr. Menendez I had multiple pain issues with my back, shoulder and neck.

My family doctor had prescribed a treatment of muscle relaxers and pain medication. This proved to be an ineffective remedy for the chronic pain I was experiencing.

Before initiating any adjustments, Dr. Menendez first took x-rays to determine the cause of my discomfort. His treatment plan then included a combination of cold and heat treatments plus treatment for muscle spasms. After a few treatments, I began to notice great improvement in my pain levels, and eventually my quality of life improved greatly.

Last year I developed a problem with Plantar Fasciitis and the pain in my foot was intense. I mentioned it to Dr. Menendez and was pleasantly surprised that he had developed a treatment plan for Plantar Fasciitis. After just a few treatments I was amazed at how quickly the pain in my foot diminished, and eventually it disappeared completely.

It has been my pleasure to recommend Dr. Menendez to anyone I know that is experiencing any kind of pain that he can help with." 

Cindy Coles

Salem, IN